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 ribeiro & dunsky


a jewelry corporation


01 ideology

The splendor of fine jewelry is transcendent – raw materials from the earth become precious objects, symbols of love and luxury, at once tangible and intangible.


Through craft and imagination, Ribeiro & Dunsky elevates the applied art of jewelry making to a prosperous business and an artistic pursuit. We create pieces that are classical and concise, to be worn, which will endure for generations. We strive for perfection and to be worthy of the trust bestowed upon us by our knowledgeable clients.


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03 about

Wladimir De La Torre Ribeiro, master stone setter, Brazil native raised in New York, his craft passed to him by his father, Arlei Ribeiro. Jakov Dunsky, master jeweler, Russian by way of Israel, chose jewelry making as a career path. In 1995 they formed Ribeiro & Dunsky, a business that brought to life their vision, ambition and gift for manufacturing. Since then Ribeiro & Dunsky has produced legendary pieces for the world’s cherished names in jewelry and extremely private clients. This family, including our team of scrupulously trained and abundantly appreciated jewelers, setters and polishers, continue to push boundaries and supply some of the finest jewelry pieces in the world.


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